Arning Bauunternehmung GmbH

The company

Arning Bauunternehmung GmbH has been realising all manner of construction projects as an efficient partner since 1935. As a family-run company now in its third generation and with the energetic support of over 100 employees, it ensures the successful implementation of all sorts of projects in the areas of structural work, civil engineering and road building, structural engineering, turnkey construction, project development/property development, wind energy and energy engineering. Through its reliability and quality, as well as expertise and commitment, Arning Bauunternehmung has won the trust of its customers.

Building on decades of experience and successfully developed in-house and client projects, the company can claim expertise in all areas of the construction industry. With qualified and highly motivated, skilled staff, it is able to master the complex network of influencing factors and ensure substantial value creation. Efficient construction management systems and highly modern technologies support this process.

Challenges and solutions

Arning Bauunternehmung GmbH had two special requirements of Seidel & Friends Consulting. Firstly, it was important that all employees were equipped with a mobile telephone rate that would not only reduce costs but also provide better network quality. By transferring the over 50 mobile telephone cards from E-Plus to Telefónica O2 Germany, this goal could be achieved.

The second requirement was that all the company’s construction machines were fitted with Fleettec boxes, primarily to permit recording of hours worked. An additional advantage of the boxes was that they offer an electronic logbook and record the vehicle’s route down to the minute. Live-locating is also possible, which helps combat theft.