The company

Fujifilm was founded in 1934 as a manufacturer of photographic film for cameras. The range of products has expanded considerably, however, over the course of time. By focusing on research and development, Fujifilm has developed into a global technology corporation.

Today the company is active in a number of different areas, from digital cameras to cinema film, from computer media to medical image acquisition. The corporation is known as the biggest photo and imaging company in the world and employs a total of more than 74,000 people.

The Japanese company owns 241 subsidiaries and 49 associate companies. It has production sites in Japan, China, Indonesia, the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Challenges and solutions

For several years Fujifilm has enjoyed support in the area of mobile telephony from Seidel & Friends Consulting. The option that proved most favourable was a specially tailor-made concept from Telefónica O2 Germany. Almost 100 mobile phone contracts have since been running through this provider. Special attention was paid to cost-effective terms for international telephony as well as for data use abroad, particularly in Europe. In addition, various different devices were equipped with a BlackBerry solution.

Seidel & Friends Consulting remains available to Fujifilm for competent support. This way, enquiries regarding additional users and solution approaches covering both technical and commercial issues can be dealt with as quickly as possible.