The Company


GREIWING logistics for you GmbH is an internationally specialist for complete solutions in silo logistics located in Greven in North Rhine-Westphalia. The group of companies also includes the KTV Speditionsgesellschaft mbH and the Separation Group.

More than 1.000 employees are working at 18 locations throughout Germany and at one location in Belgium. They generate an annual turnover of more than 130 million euros. The group of companies is specialised in industries of chemical, plastics, food, paints and varnishes, construction and hazardous materials.

The service portfolio includes conventional and combined transport, warehousing and handling. The logistics service provider sometimes enters deep into the value chain of its clients while providing value-added services, for example in sorting, homogenising or drying granulates. In order to be able to transport, store and process all products professionally, the group of companies has special equipment such as autoclaves, the granulate pilot plant in Wesel, which is unique in Germany, and two mobile granulate sorting systems.

Challenges and solutions


We are now supporting the way towards the most modern telecommunication solutions for Greiwing and its subsidiaries. On the one hand we simplify and digitalise the daily work, and on the other hand our solutions reduce costs and ensure the sensible use of resources. In a first step handed over more than 2000 mobile lines to the mobile carrier Vodafone.

Thanks to Global SIMs in the Yellowfox telematics system, the truck fleet can be reached even in the whitest of places because of the ability of global SIMs to conntect to the locally available network. Security and DSGVO conformity is always one of the main criterion of all customer requirements. Therefore, all mobile devices can now be managed in the Mobile Device Management of our partner VMware. This enables a real-time security of used or transmitted device data. The end of the year 2021 was marked by the replacement of the existing telephone system with a uniform communication solution from 3CX at all locations.