Android Enterprise Essentials

Optimum security for your mobile devices and data


Both in the private as well as the business area, smartphones outstrip any other mobile devices in terms of numbers sold – a trend that looks set to continue. However, that makes them an extremely popular target for attacks. It has therefore become even more important for you to protect your end devices, and thereby also your corporate assets and data, with a security solution. The respective solutions differ widely, just as the requirements of companies differ. Although a mobile device management is the obvious solution option, you often don't actually need all of the features an MDM solution offers. Google has therefore developed a new management device service that protects your data on all Android smartphones and tablet PCs: Android Enterprise Essentials.


Important feature for optimum protection

In order to protect your devices and data as best as possible, Android Enterprise Essentials offers key features that are always activated and that your staff cannot turn off or work around. For example, it is impossible to deactivate the screen lock This feature prevents anyone unauthorised from accessing sensitive contents. The anti-malware feature, which ensures obligatory scans and also prevents app sideloading, is also always activated. Android Enterprise Essentials also offers a useful feature for emergencies: Should the device be lost or stolen, you can also delete important data remotely.

Fast implementation at a low price

Implementing Android Enterprise Essentials offers you many benefits: When you purchase your end devices via us (we are certified retailers), we will automatically activate security-relevant features. We record the end devices for you via a central portal: Once we have configured your security guidelines, your staff are therefore protected straight away and good to go as soon as they unpack their devices. In terms of the effort required and the cost, Android Enterprise Essentials is affordable for small and large environments, compared to the standard MDM solutions. Especially for companies without, or with a very busy, IT department, this solution is a good option for increasing the security of their company.

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