Cleverness upgrade

Cleverness: That means independent, cross-market consultancy with insider and expert knowledge.

The IT and telecommunications industry is becoming ever more complex as a result of constant innovation. That means that for companies in particular, it takes time and effort to find the right provider of an individual solution. After all, a lot of sales staff from a huge variety of small businesses, television advertising and even entire corporations are incapable of making objective statements on the desired and required portfolio.
We close this gap.

We advise you individually and with an eye on all network operators available in Germany. This way, we are able to offer you an individual, high-quality solution precisely tailored to your needs.

We get our fee not from you, but from the relevant network operator. Our consultancy and our recommendations are therefore completely free of charge to you. This is what marks us out from expensive management consultancies.

Your advantage is that we not only offer you all the tariffs of all the big network providers, but our service goes beyond the contract completion, so anyone who works with us chooses a competent partner who can take care of all the requirements and additional needs that arise in the future – completely free of charge!

And: If our solution requires several different providers, you can still get everything through us as your one-stop shop. With us, you get one sole contact who takes care of all areas.

We do not charge any advance or flat-rate fees, but simply a performance fee that we agree with the relevant supplier. Thanks to many years of market experience – and through our multipliers – we thus remain efficient and can offer you better conditions than the direct sales staff of the network providers.