Real Time Upgrade

Telecom Service Management Software

Medium-sized enterprises with a high density of mobile phone and fixed line users partially have a whole team with highly payed IT experts, who work on the smooth telecommunication process. We completely relive those experts with our Telecom Service Management Platform. The entire processes are being digitalized. Consequently expensive experts are being relived and can be used profitably in other areas of the company.


One of the biggest time consumers in companies is the monthly check and allocation of the mobile phone and fixed line invoice. The collective invoice is being allocated to the different cost centers and checked on the accuracy before it is assigned to the different accounts. Afterwards the correct invoiced are relocated to the controlling department and are manually allocated (for example in SAP).

With the Telecom Service Management Platform the cost center officers receive the monthly invoice data digitally. Subsequently a booking file is automatically sent to the controlling department. This department can then import the data (for example into SAP) at the push of a button.

However hidden costs are not always based in complex administration but in the huge amount of small tasks, which when summed up take up an impressive amount of the working time.

The Telecom Service Management Platform offers a multitude of interfacing opportunities and therefore offers a more diverse digitalization as it might first give the impression.

Apart from mobile phone, fixed line and cloud services a mobile device management can easily be integrated as well as ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft and HR systems such as Workday, People Soft and ADP.