Software Defined Network

The right system to make your company network stronger


The requirements with regard to a solid internal network differ from company to company. It's hugely important that you have a precise idea of your company network's task profile, as it makes it easier for you to decide on a suitable system. We offer you two different systems and help you to find out which network matches the needs of your specific telecommunication structure: MPLS, SD WAN, or a combination of both systems? By putting our heads together, we make your company network permanently more powerful.

MPLS (multiprotocol label switching)


  • The usual internal network type used by larger companies

  • Speech and data connections run via the same line and separate protocol standards

  • Reliable delivery of data packages

  • High level of quality and security for the reliable control of your data traffic (e.g. VoIP)

  • Relevant when applications are made available via an in-house data centre

  • Security: End-to-end encryption throughout the entire network

SD WAN (software-defined wide area network)


  • Adds specific, non-distinctive or non-existing features to internet connections

  • Efficient in terms of security, control, cost and performance

  • Automatically dials the best connection for the respective application used by the designated destination

  • Can run via an MPLS connection or even contain elements of an SDH network (synchronous digital hierarchy)

  • Works as an extension to existing MPLS

  • Security: Complex data encryption without provider ownership of keys

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