Trust is the most important value to our company


Over the last few years, Seidel & Friends Consulting has seen countless changes in the market, yet the growth of our business has exceeded all expectations. We have been able to win over many new customers, employees, suppliers and other partners. So this is a good point at which to clearly emphasise our fundamental business principles: our commitment to always act according to the highest ethical standards. Trust is the most important value to our company, and that’s something we want to convey.

Sustainability as a principle

We take the responsibility for our footprint on this world. As an IT and telecommunications company, we not only aim to be initiators of the digital future but also to be a part of a more sustainable future. At Seidel & Friends, we are confident that if everyone pitches in, we can make a positive difference.

We stay switched on. Day after day.

As part of the German IT and telecommunications market, we are obliged to protect the quality and the reputation of our brand. The decisions and actions of any one of us form the basis of our reputation. Because, it is these that create the trust the clients place in us.

Our business principles help us to act and make decisions with professionalism and integrity – both in the formation and implementation of our business process and work methods, and in dealing with our customers, investors, employees, suppliers and with society as a whole. It is therefore crucial that all employees of Seidel & Friends Consulting live and breathe our business principles on a daily basis.

Responsibility and sportsmanship

The sponsorship commitments of Seidel & Friends Consulting are actively practiced partnerships. We keep our promises to clients, partners and each other. We tread new ground and take on challenges – courage is the prerequisite for innovation. That’s why Seidel & Friends supports the Schalker Fan Club Association.