The Company


The Warsteiner Brewery, founded in 1753, is one of Germany’s biggest private breweries. Based in the Sauerland, the company has always been under family ownership and since 2006 has been in the hands of the ninth generation.

The Warsteiner Brewery developed continuously up to the twentieth century, and has since been considered one of Germany’s most important large breweries. Its fame also quickly spread abroad. Thus the WARSTEINER brand not only represents a leading brand of premium pilsner in Germany, but is now so successful abroad that it is sold in over 60 countries.

It all began with what is probably the company’s best known and best loved pilsner, Warsteiner Premium Verum. Yet since then, the German company’s product portfolio has continually expanded and the Warsteiner Brewery can therefore now offer something for every taste. Brewed with the particularly soft water from the company’s own Kaiserquelle spring, Warsteiner really is “the one and only”.

Challenges and solutions


For family-run companies, the most important thing is offering security to their staff and customers, both in production and in day-to-day office management.

This is why the brewery uses the TDN from Deutsche Telekom. This very system is considered highly secure, but at the same time offers a great deal of flexibility. After precise observation of the connections at each of the company’s sites, Seidel & Friends Consulting worked with the customer to optimise the TDN.

At the same time, the bandwidth was increased at various different sites. Likewise, the central access was scaled up considerably. In addition, Seidel & Friends provided expertise in the area of mobile telephony in order to achieve an optimum tariff structure in the extensive card “fleet” of 2000 users.