Optimise your Device Pool with our
Device Lifecycle Management

Zero Touch Experience

At Seidel & Friends, we take care of the entire device lifecycle for you with Device Lifecycle Management. We cover all cases: from procurement and provision to monitoring and maintenance, followed by decommissioning. With us, you can rely on smooth operation and flawless performance of your technical devices, allowing your IT team to get back to their main work.

Challenges with Device Lifecycle Management

Nowadays, the rapid pace of technological advancement has resulted in many devices being left without the latest security updates after just a few years. Device Lifecycle Management makes sure your devices are always up-to-date, in compliance with security standards and in line with the latest technological advancements.

Managing the vast number of devices used in companies requires extensive knowledge of the various operating systems, platforms and configurations, which employees would otherwise need to acquire themselves without our lifecycle management service. Alternatively, companies can opt to dedicate tremendous resources to these tasks in their IT departments.

Emerging security risks and data backup requirements pose another major challenge. Many devices are connected in companies, increasing the risk of a security breach. To combat this, it’s important to safeguard devices against privacy breaches, unauthorised access and malware. Data also needs to be protected against being lost when replacing devices, which presents another challenge.


Advantages of Device Lifecycle Management as a Zero Touch Experience

Device life optimisation
Our premium Protection Bundle optimises the lifespan of your devices, allowing you to benefit from fewer new purchases and improved sustainability at your company. Devices that aren’t currently in use are refurbished, reused or recycled to help save the environment.

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